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About the Post-Modern Diet

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“In all affairs it’s a healthy thing now and then to a hang a question mark on the things you have long taken for granted” — Bertrand Russell

My name is Stephen B, and the Post-Modern Diet is my humble attempt at distilling what I’ve learned about human health and nutrition, and presenting it in a way that is more accessible to the average person.

What constitutes good health and how do we achieve it?

Ever been to a gathering or party where the subject of health or weight loss came up?

Talk about opinions running strong! Those opinions run from good science, to a bit on the fringe, to the downright whacky. Ah, isn’t that what makes parties fun?

I think we mostly agree on what constitutes good health, but the controversy is around how to achieve it. Sadly, I’ll bet two thirds of those cocktail party philosophers aren’t enjoying the best of health. According to the Public Health, Canada, one in four Canadians are obese and one in five Canadian adults suffer from chronic respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, cancer or diabetes. The stats for the United States are even more alarming. We are, on the whole, getting it wrong!

At age 44, I had a growing anxiety about my own declining health and began a quest for answers. I went down several rabbit holes studying metabolic energy pathways, hormones and psychology—just about anything that I felt could slow down the decline. What I found has changed my life! I am much healthier today at age 68 than I was when I started this journey 24 years ago.

I’ve accumulated some rules to live by—rules that have positively impacted me both physically and mentally. There is still much to learn even today, but I have a need to share the journey and help as many people along the way as possible.

What is the Post-Modern Diet?

The Post-Modern Diet is both mindset and a call to action. It is a manifesto for how we should be thinking about our physical and mental health in the 21st century, and how we we can meet or exceed our health goals.

The Post-Modern Diet is a beacon in the night for those who struggle with their own health issues, including obesity, diabetes, arthritis and cardiovascular diseases, to name a few.

While diet is an important factor, as we evolve a more holistic view of human health, our scope necessarily goes beyond the food we eat. That is why I call this The Post-Modern Lifestyle Project.

I invite you to join my in my journey towards a healthier and longer life by hitting the subscribe button.